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Happy Family Store Pharmacy

We exist to deliver impactful healthcare innovations that enhance the lives of patients across the United States and overseas.

Happy Family Store is one of the global pharmacy services that enables online ordering of drugs from different parts of the world, providing confidence in their quality.

To make medications more affordable, we carefully curate a selection of generic and brand name products at competitive prices. We negotiate directly with suppliers to secure discounts and pass these savings on to our customers. Additionally, to solve the issue of timely delivery, we have optimized all processes, significantly reducing delivery times by leveraging local fulfillment centers.

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Here you will find medications our customers buy on repeat: all those go-to essentials every family should have in stock, and then some! Browse our product categories for robust cost-effective medications for every ailment.

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Every company has its own set of views and principles that govern their actions. When it comes to Thehappyfamilystore.com, the company has been established with the intention of offering affordable medications to everyone who needs them. A lot of people don’t realize how much they overpay for the medications available on the market. The majority of drugs are unreasonably priced because of the monopoly on their production. The pharmaceutical companies that hold the patent protecting the drug from the recreation have all the power in their hands to choose any price and know that people will still buy the drug.

When you buy branded drugs from the pharmacy, you should understand that the largest percentage of the price that you pay is for the brand and not for what’s inside the product. Fortunately, the situation changes when generics come into play and these are the drugs that Happy Family Store specializes in providing. You can purchase generic medications at the most affordable prices without compromising the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.

Available Discounts
JANHAPPY23 10% Discount for the first order
VNT0934221 7% Coupon for Ventolin
DPXP039882 12% Discount for Dapoxetine

Things Happy Family Store Helps With

Physical Activity & Nutrition

Being physically active daily delays and prevents hundreds of diseases. We share advice on how to fight depression, improve your mood, arrange regular exercises and walking programs. We also teach our clients how to avoid empty calories and stick to nutritious meals destined to boost up well-being.


Excessive Weight

Excessive weight provokes type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and risks of dying from coronary heart disease or respiratory problems. We provide our clients with in-depth practical guides concerning being overweight in line with the official information provided by the National Institute of Health.



Flu, pneumonia, and influenza are not as harmless as you might think. They often cause deaths when improperly managed. Vaccination is among the most common prevention measures for seniors. Older women suffer from them mostly. If you’re not willing to face the complications, seek our specialists’ advice.


We don’t want sickness to come. Take care of your body — you won’t have another place to live in.


We Pay Incredible Rebates

Happy Family Store benefit managers stick to upfront benefits to the patients. You won’t have to pay higher costs, and our transparent discount system has proved to be beneficial for the last 4 years of its existence. We manage to save on bulk efforts and seasonal price reductions on generic drugs offered by our third parties.

Nevertheless, we still have problems that the local government cannot regulate. Some of the meds still cost too high, and we cannot offer a rebate because of the terms established by middlemen. We don't want our patients to pay higher costs at the pharmacy counter and stay in touch with the government representatives, searching for ways to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for our clients.

However, a wide choice of generics helps us offer greater rebates to patients with chronic conditions and maintenance therapies. Whether it’s Asthma, ED problems, cardiovascular conditions, or diabetes, we are here to help you with cheap and safe meds.