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Privacy Policy

Dear customers of Happy Family Store, we assure you that every single transaction on our checkout page is 100% secure. Your personal data is reliably protected by the company’s security service.

Our payment processor is tested on all fronts: from mechanisms to security because we understand how important the security of personal information is for everyone.

In case of suggestions or any questions, please contact us. We are always excited to help our clients.

What role does the privacy and security policy play for our team?

Happy Family Store values ​​and recognizes the right to privacy and confidentiality of our visitors and in every way we try to do everything possible to increase the level of security every time. Customers can easily update or delete information in their personal accounts without any doubts about violating the security plan.

Personally Identifiable Information

At the time when you log in as a buyer on the website of the Happy Family Store pharmacy, we will not collect any information about you (even if it is a name or surname, addresses of electronic and regular mailboxes or telephone numbers), unless you are provide given to us voluntarily.

Use of a person’s personal data

While you are placing an order in our pharmacy, we ask you to set up your profile so that it contains only basic information: surname, first name, e-mail addresses; diagnoses, etc. This is necessary to acquaint our employees with your diagnosis for further evaluation and order processing. *All personal information provided in the article will not be transferred to third parties in any way, all data is well-protected and encrypted. The file with your data can be viewed only by employees of the pharmacy and authorized persons performing tasks.


As was already written above, your information is encrypted by a special program when you place your order on the site. This makes it impossible to intercept or steal any information from your profile.

For greater trust in our service, we have a big request for our customers: do not leave your credit card and passport details.

The process of updating or deleting your page

From the beginning of its creation, you and only you manage it. You yourself can either update your page or delete it even from our database by logging in with your own account.

Updating the policy

As for updates, our team reserves the right to change, add, or remove material from this article at any time we deem appropriate.