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Terms of Use

The right to change the terms of this agreement in whole or in part at any moment, even without notice, remains with Happy Family Store. Therefore, you need to constantly review this page before starting to work with the site, to understand under what conditions you are allowed access.

Use of our website

Since you are already familiar with the rules of the Privacy Policy, you understand that all your actions on this site will be constantly regulated by it, you are prohibited from carrying out any manipulations with this agreement (delete, change, update, publish, transfer, distribute). However, you are permitted to reproduce, download, and print copies of the material posted on this web service for non-commercial personal use only provided that you do not change the content of the documents and do not remove any trademark, copyright, etc. information. The use of other private information from the site is also strictly prohibited without the written consent of Thehappyfamilystore.com.

Use of information from the site

The information on the site is not intended for self-diagnosis of diseases and is not your doctor, so please, if you have health disorders, first of all, consult a specialist. The site is intended solely for posting data of an informational nature.

Importantly! Read the description of medicines on the service with special attention, because although the right only to correct typographical errors or inaccuracies in the information posted on the site remains with Happy Family Store, the pharmacy is not responsible for incorrect data. It is also worth reminding you that we can update, change, or delete material on the site without warning.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

This website is controlled and administered by Thehappyfamilystore.com, its subsidiaries, affiliates, staff from its offices, by the laws of Mauritius without giving effect to its conflict of law principles. Once you access the site, you will be responsible for complying with the laws. In case of problems arise, all matters should be resolved through the jurisdiction of Mauritius.

Import & export control, local legislation

It is important to be aware that not all products, content, and services of the web service are available for distribution in jurisdictions. Therefore, by placing an order for medicines or any services on the site, you represent our online store and are responsible for the sale, delivery, and shipment of the goods, so that everything complies with the rules of export and import control.

The website and related services are operated as a commercial entity, which means that they are intended for use by adults only. All data and materials on the web service are licensed by the Happy Family Store corporation and are allowed to be viewed by users only where the offered services and content do not violate any regulations or laws.

Property rights and trademarks

The company Happy Family Store is a registered trademark and has the entire package of necessary documents that confirm this fact. The text, interface, photos, graphics, structure, design, and the like also belong to our company. Additionally, all of this is protected by copyright laws. Reimbursement Guided by this manipulation, you agree to release Happy Family Store, all related branches, subsidiaries, and staff from any claims, or demands.

Authorization via the Internet or e-mail

Unsecured authorization over the Internet, as well as through e-mail, cellular data, etc. is not considered confidential and the reason is the risk of interception or loss of information that has been posted on the site.

Relations between the company and customers

Thehappyfamilystore.com and online users are considered independent contractors and no relationships of any other level are built on the spaces of online stores.

Prices for international orders, payment terms, and demand

For convenience, prices on the pharmacy website are indicated in US dollars, Canadian dollars, or other currencies.

Force majeure situations

Our online pharmacy is responsible only for its team and products, and for everything else — customers.