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Since the strategy of the online store is adapted to our client base, we understand that at any moment people may need an expert opinion, urgent consultation, or just feedback, without any possible delays, so our team has come up with several ways to be in touch with you every minute, 24/7.

You will get all the answers to your questions, which include your health problems, prescriptions, and general advice.

If you need to contact the pharmacy staff, write an e-mail to the address of the mailbox: cservice@thehappyfamilystore.com or immediately in Live Chat.

Alternatively, you can phone on number: (662) 703 5033

Business time

From Monday to Sunday: (09:00–6:00)

Choose the optimal communication option for you, we are always happy to communicate with our customers and will try to answer without fail!

Our Location (PO BOX)

1225 Providence Rd
Whitinsville, MA 01588

* Dear customers, we have a big request for you! To facilitate our dialogue with you, please be sure to include your name, surname, and age in your messages; diagnosis; country of residence and city. Additionally, other information you consider important. To order the drug, indicate the presence of a prescription and its name.

If there are any problems with our staff, the quality of the drugs, or their delivery, please let us know. We will find out everything!

* Contact the support service for advice before sending the product back.