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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you still have questions about the work of our pharmacy? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the answers to those that are asked most often.

1. What is the range of products in the pharmacy?

In the assortment catalog of our pharmacy, a huge number of drugs for the whole family is declared, which can be generally distributed as follows, by purpose:

  • intimate health — we recommend buying generic Viagra, generic Cialis and generic Levitra. They normalize potency.
  • treatment of diabetes (most often we sell Glucophage, Glucotrol, Actos. These drugs contribute to the normalization of blood sugar.
  • viral diseases (Zovirax, Plaquenil, Sustiva. These medicines solve dermatological infections.)
  • general health (people just order personal hygiene products, medicines for maintaining health, such as Diamox, Phoslo, Differin, which solve problems with acne, liver failure, epilepsy, paralysis, glaucoma, and more.)

2. Who can make orders and buy drugs at your pharmacy?

We would like to note that since our Service is an online pharmacy, only authorized users have access, therefore only they can place orders.

3. Is it necessary to order a prescription for medicine from a therapist before buying?

According to the law, a prescription is a strict necessity. However, not all categories of medicines require them in our pharmacy. You just need to make sure that the pharmacy pharmacists know the drug you are ordering so that they can sign the prescription themselves.

4.How do I log in to the pharmacy website if I want to have access?

First, the user must be 18+ years old. Secondly, according to the terms of the registration procedure, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire with confidential information in the form of first and last name; phone numbers and e-mail addresses; country of residence.

5. Can I check the location of my parcel?

Undoubtedly, but only if the delivery is made via EMS, as only this service can be tracked using a special tracker.

6. Are the prices for the products on your website in Canadian dollars or US dollars?

All prices indicated on the website are exclusively in US dollars (USD).

7. Do you guarantee a refund?

If the customer is not satisfied with the purchase, of course. If the product does not match the order on the website or is not in its proper form, you can return the product within a week and we will reimburse you.

8. Can I get a refund, if I cancel my order?

No. But, in case of possible problems with delivery (it sometimes happens that the courier service does not have time to deliver the order to the warehouse on time), then if you do not receive the parcel within 3 days, the order will be scanned automatically and the money will be returned to you.

9. Do you deliver to my country?

Yes, we ship almost all over the world except for countries that have been blacklisted by us for some reason related to breaking the law.

10. Can I get my parcel faster?

You will need to contact us to discuss all the details. We can also update the delivery details of the order in a fast way. It is worth noting that an additional fee is charged for express delivery.