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Prescription Policy

As already mentioned in the other sections of the web-site, Happy Family Store strives not to stop on the way to a better version of itself and makes tremendous efforts in the development of the store.

We also remind you about the existence of a high-quality service, which includes urgent consultations with the leading specialists of our pharmacy almost 24/7 online, by phone or live; supplementing the assortment with first-class quality drugs; keeping prices as low as possible, while introducing all kinds of options that contribute to saving money: promotions, discounts/seasonal discounts, coupons for discounts from 10%, provided that the price of the product order is over $100; free shipping almost all over the world; sale of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

There are cases when the drug needed by the client is issued only with a prescription, which the person does not have with him. In this case, our employees can independently write a prescription for the medication.

Policy of Prescriptions in the Happy Family Store

  • By phone number. On the company’s website, in the “How to contact us” section, a phone number and an e-mail address are indicated. You can call us at this number and talk to pharmacy specialists about prescriptions.
  • By email. In this way, you can also get a prescription for medicine. That is, after ordering medicine on our website or by phone number during the consultation, you can also request a prescription by writing to us at our email address and receive an electronic prescription to your email address, phone number or your account on the website.

Bear in mind, Happy Family Store is always at your service!